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Peter and the Starcatcher - Off Broadway - Deane Prouty

Deane Prouty's setup from the 2013-1014 Off-Broadway production of Peter and the Starcatcher at New World Stages in New York City.

“Well, all good things come to an end... or in this case we moved Off-Broadway!"

"Setting up in the new theater at New World Stages was almost like taking the show back to the New York Theater Workshop, where it all began. The theater is much smaller (499 seats), and my setup was again built on a platform and suspended from the ceiling of the theater by steel cables.

I had full view of the stage for all the tricks I needed to do with the actors, and it was much more intimate for the actors. Needless to say I had to condense everything into a much smaller space, accessible only by a vertical ladder. There was hardly any room to move and I did a lot of playing from a seated position. The pianist, Greg Anthony Rassen, was on a similar platform, directly across the theater from me.

Almost all of my ‘toys’ were within arm’s reach, and several of the larger instruments like the bass drum and 8 foot long thunder sheet (lower center of photo) were tied to the light grid and suspended above my head.”

January 2014


Deane Prouty's Broadway setup for Peter and the Starcatcher.
Brad Wetmore's Regional setup for Peter and the Starcatcher.
Jeremy Lowe's Tour setup for Peter and the Starcatcher.