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Fiddler On The Roof - Broadway - Kory Grossman

Kory Grossman's combined book set up for the 2015-2016 Broadway revival of Fiddler on the Roof at the Broadway Theatre.


"It’s a one-player chair. The percussion playing is not as busy as the drumming, though certainly not less important. I’m able to play the entire show from my comfy Roc-N-Soc stool, getting up only to stretch my legs during this long flight (show runs about 2 hours and 57 minutes).

There are a few interesting details to observe about my set up.

The timpani are on my right side. I play them from a seated position, often while playing the kick drum and hi hat at the same time, and sometimes playing other business with my left hand as well. Because of this, it was important to have the 26” drum closer to the action of the drum kit, so I reversed the position of the drums, with 29” drum on the right and 26” drum on the left. This arrangement took a minute to get used to, but in the end works much better in this context.

The mounted tambourine is primarily played with a stick. I use the LP Cyclops with dimpled brass jingles. I prefer the darker quality of this tambourine and it compensates for the fact that I’m whacking it with a stick most of the time. I put some red fuel line tubing (for a car) on the striking edge to reduce the stick attack, and attached it to the tambourine with zip ties.

And what would a show be without a couple Miller Machines? There’s one for the triangle and one for the finger cymbal.

I’m using a Gibraltar rack system. I have found it incredibly useful. I am able to mount all the cymbals, tom tom, Miller Machines, and even the dumbek. As a result of using the rack, I am able to reduce the actual footprint of my set up, and use a lot less space in the pit. The sound designer was also able to mount a bunch of mics to it.

On a lighter note, the hanging Hassidic doll was an opening night gift from the dance arranger Oran Eldor. Oran and I worked together on the dance arrangements for the show under the guidance of the amazing Israeli born choreographer Hofesh Shecter. Playing the show has been a lot of fun and a great experience.

Thanks Billy for taking such fantastic photos."

March 2016