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Seussical - Regional - Scot Sexton

Scot Sexton’s combined book setup for Seussical with Broadway Bound in Seattle, Washington.

“…I knew I would be juggling sticks, page turns, shakers, and beaters so as I was combining the books I was also working on my layout and choreography.”


"This is one of those shows where combining the two books (drums and percussion) can be a fun challenge. There is not a lot of down time so its pretty much all playing.

With this show I did my usual process of laying out the books side by side. I start with the drum set book, and add in the things that are easy to catch from the percussion book. I keep going until I only have mallet parts left, then I look into how much of those I can do electronically with samples.

With this show I knew I would be juggling sticks, page turns, shakers, and beaters so as I was combining the books I was also working on my layout and choreography. Thus allowing me to see what would work and what wouldn't."

Drums: Custom built birch shells by Scot
  • 14x5.5 snare 
  • 13x3 snare 
  • 10x8 rack
  • 12x8 rack
  • 14x14 tom 
  • 20x15 bass drum

  • Remo Coated Ambassador on snare batter
  • Remo Hazy Ambassador on snare side
  • Remo Pinstripe on all tom batter heads
  • Remo Ambassador Clear on all tom resonant heads

  • Zildjian 20" 1960’s Ride Cymbal
  • Sabian 16" AAX X-Plosion Crash 
  • Zildjian 14" 1970’s Hi-Hats
  • Wuhan 10" Splash 

  • TreeWorks 6" Triangle 
  • TreeWorks Tre35 Bar Chimes
  • LP Bell Tree
  • RhythmTech Tambourine (mounted on its own stand)
  • Acme Siren Whistle
  • LP Samba Whistle 
  • LP Granite Blocks
  • LP Rock Cowbell 
  • LP Black Beauty Cowbell
  • Ratchet
  • Steve Weiss Vibraslap
  • Rainstick 20"
  • Egg Shaker
  • Miller Machine with 8" TreeWorks Triangle
  • Miller Machine with mounted Finger Cymbal

  • Roland HandSonic HPD-20 for triggering djembe and bongos
  • Alesis SamplePad Pro for triggering counter bell, sleigh bells, timbale, congas, cork pop, cabasa, glockenspiel, crotales and xylophone

  • Regal Tip Jazz Drum Sticks
  • Regal Tip Wire Brushes 
  • Zildjian John Riley Double Stick Mallet

May 2017