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Adam Wolfe - Bunty Berman Presents...

Adam’s setup from Bunty Berman Presents… at The Acorn Theatre in New York City.

“My book for ‘Bunty Berman Presents…’ is very straight ahead.  The concept for the show is sort of ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ meets Bollywood, so I’ve got a very traditional kind of drum set, flanked by an electronic pad and the (mostly) usual toys.  I’m using an old set of Slingerland’s from the mid 70’s (13” ST, 16” FT and 20” BD) and a chrome-over-brass ‘Big R’-era Rogers Dynasonic snare drum with Remo Vintage A’s on the snare and toms and a Remo Coated Powerstroke 4 on the kick. 

With such a small amount of space, I found it necessary to build up quite a bit, hence the wall of cymbals and toys on my right hand side.  The triangle is used for only one solitary note in the opening number of the show and then never again.  Of course, this note happens in the middle of bright two-beat playing, so the Miller Machine is, as always, indespensible.

Adam can reached on Twitter at @adamcwolfe and on his Facebook page.