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Alec Wilmart - A Chorus Line

Alec’s setup for A Chorus Line at The 5th Avenue Theatre in Seattle, Washington


‘This production used the original orchestrations for A Chorus Line. Being one of the first musicals written in a contemporary ‘rock’ style, there was little precedent for drum set notation in musical theater, and consequently, the drum part is in the same book as the percussion part. It has a mix of old style, ‘slash’ notation and complete detailed drum parts.

The Yamaha Oak Custom was a great kit for this show, tuned pretty much wide open with gel mutes to emulate that '70s ‘Dead Drum’ sound. It's a rock show, but there are several tunes in swing, funk, latin, 2-beat, and ballad styles as well. The 16" tom is only used in three spots in the show, but the first is a solo 16th note run from top to bottom in the opening number. Any standard drum kit will do for this show, but I really enjoyed the sound of this particular set due to the warmth and depth of the Oak Custom. A Chorus Line is pretty straight-forward musically, but requires knowledge of several styles, as well as an ability to ‘groove’, and includes some well known classics such as One, Nothing and What I did for Love.”

  • Yamaha Oak Custom 10", 12", 14" 16" and 22"
  • Yamaha Vintage Snare 14" x 6"
  • 8" Sabian B8 Pro splash
  • 14" Sabian AA Hi-Hats
  • 8" Sabian AAX Splash
  • 16" Sabian Hand Hammered Crash
  • 20" Zildjian K Ride
  • 18" Paiste Signature Crash
  • Cowbell
  • Red Jam Block
  • Triangle and the Miller Machine