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Big Fish - Session - Billy Miller

Billy Miller - Big Fish Recording Session02
Billy Miller's setup for the cast recording of the Broadway production of Big Fish at MSR Studios.

Billy Miller - Big Fish Recording Session03
Billy Miller - Big Fish Recording Session01Billy Miller - Big Fish Recording Session04

Yamaha Concert Series 29” & 26” Timpani, Deagan Bells, Concert Bass Drum 28” x 14”, Yamaha Maple Custom Floor Tom 15” x 12”, Zildjian Crotales - 2 Octaves, Sabian 16” HH Extra Thin Crash, Sabian 18” Evolution Crash, Wuhan 10” Splash, Zildjian 16” Piatti, Single “B” Chime Note, Zildjian Zil-Bel, Treeworks Tre35 Classic Chime, Treeworks Tre70db InfiniTree, Sabian Triangles 4”, 5”, 6” and 7”, Able 4” Triangle, 3 Miller Machines, LP Granite Blocks (bottom 3), LP Cha Cha Cowbell, LP Red & Blue Jam Blocks, Pearl Clave Block - Low Pitch, LP Twist Shaker - Loud (Red), LP Jim Greiner Shekere, J. Mack Prototype Shaker, Rhythm Tech DST Drum Set Tambourine - Black w/ Brass Jingles, Peruvian Seed Pod Shaker, Acme Siren, Slidewhistle, Ratchet, Washboard, Steve Weiss Anvil, Steve Weiss Wood Chamber Vibra-Slap

Sticks and Mallets:
Grover Chime Mallet
Promark PSBD3 General Bass Drum Mallets
Promark Freer Stainless Steel Triangle Beater
Promark Freer Brass Triangle Beater
Tom Freer K9 Linen Phenolic - Large Ball
Innovative FS-T2 Timpani Mallets
Promark Jonathan Hass JH3 Timpani Mallets with Freer K9 Linen Phenolic balls on opposite end

Rental instruments for the cast recording were provided by Eric Poland. Check out Eric’s Miller Machine setup shots.

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