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Brett Beiersdorfer - Avenue Q

Brett’s setup for Second Stage Productions Avenue Q at the BACCA Performing Arts Center in Lindenhurst, New York.


“This was a very fun score to play. Avenue Q is such a well written score. There were six of us in the pit: Piano/Conductor, Keyboard, Guitar, Bass, Reed and Drums and we were set up very close to each other. There were parts in the score that called for bongos, I just used my 10" and 12" Tom Toms. There was a finger cymbal cue which I used the ice bell for. There was also some bell tree cues for the opening and closing of some scenes and the Conductor played a glockenspiel for those cues. One of the biggest challenges of this show was the volume. We were set up behind a curtain to the right of the stage, with a little gap for the conductor to see the actors. The show was a lot of fun to do with a lot of fun grooves.”

Drums - PDP Maple Shells
  • 18”x22" Bass Drum (Evans EMAD 2 Clear batter, EMAD front
  • 8”x10" Tom (Evans Clear G2 top, Clear G1 bottom)
  • 10”x12" Tom (Evans Clear G2 top, Clear G1 bottom)
  • 12”x14" Floor Tom (Evans Clear G2 top, Clear G1 bottom)

Snare Drum - Ludwig Acrolite
  • 5”x14" Black Galaxy (Evans Power Center Reverse Dot top, Hazy 300 snare side)

  • Zildjian 14" K/Z Special Hi-Hats
  • Zildjian 20" ZBT Ride
  • Paiste 16" Alpha Crash
  • Sabian 19” B8 Crash
  • Sabian 16" AAX China
  • Sabian 10" B8 Splash
  • UFIP 7" Ice Bell
  • LP Granite Blocks
  • LP Vibra-Slap
  • LP Rock Cowbell
  • LP Black Beauty Cowbell
  • RhythmTech EGGZ Egg Shaker
  • RhythmTech Tambourine
  • Schylling Slide Whistle
  • Siren Whistle
  • Mini Sleigh Bells
  • TreeWorks Chimes
  • TreeWorks 6" Triangle (with the Miller Machine)

Promark TX5BN Drumsticks and Vic Firth Jazz Brushes