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Bring it On - Regional - Angel Williams

Angel Williams’ percussion setup for Bring It On at the University of Utah, Musical Theater Department in Salt Lake City, Utah.


“I used an Alternate Mode drumKAT with a Roland Sound Canvas SC-88 and a malletKAT with the Kurzweil PC2R Sound Module.

The drumKAT covered all the sounds required by the percussion book and I used three different kits to effectively cover them all. The malletKAT covered vibes, timpani and the bells. This was due to the restriction of available space because we were 15 feet up in the air.”

  • Ludwig 1961 22” Bass Drum
  • Camco 16” Floor Tom
  • Pearl Piccolo Snare
  • Slingerland 1940’s Single Tension Parade Snare
  • Toca 14” Djembe
  • De Rosa Timbale (small one only)
  • LP Red Jam Block
  • LP Blue Jam Block
  • TreeWorks Chimes
  • LP Mounted Tambourine
  • LP One Shot Shaker
  • Meinl Medium Shaker
  • LP Maracas
  • LP Tambourine
  • Parade Whistle
  • Miller Machine - Finger Cymbal Machine
  • Miller Machine - Triangle Machine

  • Zildjian 14" China Boy
  • Zildjian 14" Dark K Crash
  • Zildjian 16" Dark K Crash

September 2016