• Drum Set and Percussion Setups from Musical Theatre and More

Clay Barnum - Avenue Q

Clay’s Avenue Q setup at the Babcock Theatre for the University of Utah Musical Theatre Department. The show was directed by David Schmidt and the Musical Director was Alex Marshall.

“This was a fun show with a great cast.

“I started my setup process by looking at Joe Choroszewki’s setup at New World Stages in New York City where Avenue Q is currently running Off-Broadway. I chose to use wood blocks instead of granite blocks; this helped to streamline my setup. Many other substitutions were made for various spatial and financial reasons.

The adjustments I made for my specific setup are an LP ratchet mounted to the lug (in between the hoop and the lug casing) of my floor tom, the Vibraslap mounted to my hi-hat stand with pipe clamps for quick access without dropping sticks to play it, and another less obvious adjustment for the slide whistle part. The slide whistle I have is big and heavy enough that I couldn’t hold it in my mouth, slide it, and play the kit part properly, so I mounted the slide whistle to a microphone stand that swings over the kit. The Miller Machine is used with the triangle mounted below the bongos. The Miller Machine makes this show much easier than the original NY production by eliminating the need to switch triangle beaters and sticks quickly.

My drums are Tama Starclassic Performer Birch: 22”x16” Kick – Evans Emad Batter, 16”x16” FT - Evans G2 coated batter, Evans G1 clear resonant , 12”x10” ST - Evans G2 coated batter, Evans G1 clear resonant 10x8 RT - Evans G2 coated batter, Evans G1 clear resonant Yamaha Maple Custom Snare: 14x5 – Evans G1 Coated Batter, Evans Hazy 300 Resonant.

My cymbals are all Zildjian: 22” Sweet Ride, 22” China Swish Knocker w/out rivets, 18” K Custom Dark Crash, 14” Cie Vintage Hats and 6” K Custom Dark Splash.

Accessories: LP Aspire Bongos, Treeworks Bar Chimes, LP Cyclops Tambourine, LP mambo cowbell, LP Black Beauty cowbell, LP Jam Block, Pearl clave block - medium pitched, a Meinl ‘Vibraslap’ called ‘The Roar,’ 6” Alan Abel triangle, LP ratchet, Acme siren whistle and slide whistle.

Sticks: Zildjian John Riley Double Stick Mallet and Vic Firth Jazz brushes.”

Clay Barnum spent over ten years writing, recording, and performing in rock bands throughout northern Utah. Recently completed a Bachelors of Arts in Music from the University of Utah he is putting together collaborative performances around the University of Utah including the Utah Museum of Fine Arts Chamber Music Series. Along with more than a handful of concert, chamber, and solo performances Clay has played drums/percussion on and off-stage with these productions; Anna in the Tropics, Taffeta Memories, King Lear, 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Songs for a New World, Aida, Wild Party, Spring Awakening, and Avenue Q.