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Crazy For You - Regional - Ryan McCausland

Ryan McCausland's drum set setup for Crazy for You at the Hammonton Youth Theatre in Hammonton, New Jersey

"I could play Crazy for You every night for the rest of my life and it would never get old. I could not get enough of this music. The original orchestration calls for an ensemble of about 18-20 players. Our production could only afford 8. We were the busiest 8 players I’ve ever seen. Many of us were playing more than one book to fill in the holes that the other 10-12 absent players left behind. It was a challenge but one of the most fun productions I’ve ever worked on!

Drums are PDP (Pacific Drums & Percussion) Concept Maple Kit in a Red to Black Sparkle Fade
18x22 Kick
8x10 rack toms
9x12 rack Toms
12x14 Floor Tom
5.5x14 Snare

Cymbals - left to right
Zildjian 14” K Hi Hats
Zildjian 18” K Dark Crash
Zildjian 10” A Custom Splash
Zildjian 16” K Dark Crash with Sizzle Chain
Zildjian 20” K Ride
Steve Weiss Brand 18” China

Auxiliary percussion:
American Song Whistle
LP Jam Blocks - Blue and Red
Alan Able 6” Triangle mounted on the Miller Machine
Pearl Tambourine - mounted
Toca Castanet Machine
Meinl Turbo Cabasa
Sand Blocks - homemade
Steve Weiss Brand Ratchet
Acme Siren Whistle
Police Whistle
Old School Bell
LP Triangle mounted below the traps table
TreeWorks Tre35 Chimes

The Hardware is a mixture of DW, Gibraltar, LP, and Yamaha.

The Roland SPD-SX sampling pad was used for a few sound effects not covered by the sound engineer.

The Sticks are all Vic Firth including a pair of Jazz Brushes, SD4 Combo Sticks, and Swizzle B’s.

The Heads are all Evans and include G2 Coated heads on the Toms, a Coated HD Dry head on the Snare, and an EMAD2 on the Kick.

Ryan’s website.