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Dave Roth - A Christmas Story

Dave’s setup from A Christmas Story at Madison Square Garden.

“A Christmas Story was my second show at Madison Square Garden. The sound designer once again opted to take the band out of the pit and place them in the box seats on the right side of the house. As is the case in most theater situations, setup space can be an issue. In an effort to accommodate my needs, the designers placed me in the largest box. The only problem was that they didn't realize the shape of that space can become a huge issue. In this case they gave me a triangular area which forced me to set up in a straight line. This show has a wonderful percussion part orchestrated by Larry Blank and has many lightening quick changes between the mallet parts and the timpani which had become much more challenging because of my setup.

Another aspect that was unique for this production was rehearsal time. This was part of a mini-tour that rolled into New York City for just three weeks. Therefore we didn't have the full compliment of rehearsals as you would when mounting a new show. There were just two rehearsals, no technical rehearsals and then we had our first performance. I know that all you players in local markets with tours rolling through can relate. My hat is off to you!”

Dave is a proud endorser of Yamaha Percussion, Vic Firth, Latin Percussion and Paiste Cymbals.

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Dave also offers a performance clinic that will give you a glimpse into the world of a Broadway percussionist and take you from the moment you’ve been hired for a show up to the first performance - everything from performance practices, researching music, instrument selection, setup challenges and even a few humorous stories from the Great White Way. You can see more in this video.