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David Thalmann - Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

David Thalmann’s setup from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at the Murray Arts Guild - Murray Park Amphitheater in Murray, Utah.


“This was the first time I have ever played with the orchestra on the stage. We were behind a large black screen that allowed us to watch the entire show. It was really quite fun. Those chimes were made in 1920.”

  • Vibraphone (Yamaha YV-3910C Professional 3.5 Octave Gold Gloss)
  • Bells (Musser M-645 Orchestral)
  • Xylophone (Musser 3.5 Octave M51 Kelon)
  • Chimes (made in 1920)
  • Timpani (4)
  • Congas (2)
  • Bongos (LP Classic)
  • Cuica (Meinl 6")
  • Tambourines (Grover Beryllium Copper and Rhythm Tech Mountable DTS)
  • Woodblocks (2 - various and older)
  • Cowbell (Rhythm Tech Studio Series)
  • Suspended Cymbal (Zildjian K Constantinople 18" Crash)
  • Finger Cymbals (Zildjian Medium)
  • Tam Tam
  • Cabasa (LP)
  • Flexatone (LP
  • Bar Chimes (TreeWorks TRE630 Concert Chimes with Damper)
  • Bell Tree (LP450 26-Bell)
  • Sleigh Bells (Toca)
  • Various stands, holders and stool
  • And my favorite... (2) rear view mirrors

June 2012