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David Thalmann - Oliver

David’s setup from the Murray Arts Council’s production of Oliver at the Murray Park Amphitheater in Murray, Utah.

“Playing in an outdoor venue has it's perks and drawbacks. The perks include fresh air and that natural feeling. The drawbacks include bad weather, lots of direct sunlight cooking the pit right around the time you’re setting up and having to haul all of your equipment into the pit, twice a day, every day. You can't see it from this perspective, but it took four men to lift those timpani, xylophone and vibes in and out of that pit. The stairs were very unforgiving. And, oh yeah, did I mention rain?”

Equipment includes....
  • Yamaha 2700 Vibes
  • Adams Soloist Xylophone
  • Musser 645 Bells
  • Deagan Chimes - A and E (made in 1920)
  • Abel 6" Triangle
  • ‘Light’ (Walter Light) Brand Timpani (26" and 29") Trust me on this... those drums are not ‘light’
  • Grover Beryllium Copper Tambourine
  • Zildjian K 18" Dark Custom Crash
  • The Miller Machine  (yay for miracles!)
  • Home Made Gong Stand
  • Home Made Accessory Trays (2)
  • Bar Stool
  • Rear-View Mirror