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Greg Landes - Synchronicity Duo Solo Recital/Bartok Sonata Project

“This extended set up has become a staple of my concerts with my brother (Garah Landes) and our piano and percussion duo Synchronicity. The main body of the setup includes a 4.3 octave marimba (5 octave marimba would be to large to negotiate fast and numerous choreographic movements between instruments), Vibraphone, Glockenspeil and 3 timpani (sometimes augmented to 4 or 5). In addition, an adapted drum kit setup that I can play while standing (notice the remote DW bass drum pedal under marimba), a small latin set up consisting of a Pearl Travel Conga (an absolute gem of a product), Bongos, Cowbell and a Cowbell mounted on a LP Gajate Bracket played with my right foot (under vibraphone and not visible). Assorted toys include a Temple Block, Mark Tree, Tambourine, Bell Tree and of course a Triangle and a Finger Cymbal mounted on the amazing Miller Machines. Paiste Cymbals, exclusively 16" and 18" Dark Energy Crashes and a 22" Wuhan flat gong round out the collection of percussive sounds and colors that allow me to create some really great music with my brother. 

The hybrid drumset to the left of the main set up includes bass drum (with Yamaha Double Bass Pedal), Floor Tom, Silver Darbuka on stand, Bongos, Hi-Hat (Paiste 13" Hats), a trashed out cymbal that sounds great (NOT Paiste), Wind Chimes and 4 tuned metal pipes (suspended). This is one of my hybrid setups that I use for the duo. This was created for a piece called ‘Jettatura’ by the composer John Psathas that was originally a piano solo. I created the percussion part myself. It was my intent to keep the integrity of the solo piece by sticking close to the rhythmic structure of the piano part and trying only to enhance the existing incredible feel and energy of the piece with percussive color and punch. 

This entire setup was used in a concert performance at The University of Delaware. After a first half of solo duo music, the duo was joined by another pianist and timpanist in a performance of the masterpiece by Bela Bartok, the ‘Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion’.”

Greg endorses both Paiste Cymbals and Innovative Percussion.