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Hello Dolly - Broadway - Andy Blanco

Andy Blanco’s percussion setup for the Broadway production of Hello Dolly at the Shubert Theatre.

“Other than a few sections with some very fast instrument switches, the book is straight ahead and a lot of fun to play.”


“For Hello Dolly, I’m set up in a remote room under the stage. The room was previously used by the brass section for the Broadway production of Matilda. It isn’t the ideal space for percussion for two reasons. First, the room is a bit too narrow for my ideal set up. I would have liked to have had the low end of the xylophone a little closer to the timpani for some fast switches, but this set up works fine. Secondly, there is an electrical breaker box behind the bass drum that the crew needs to access twice daily.

At the end of each show, I rotate the top of the cymbal stand holding the bell plate/triangle/mallet tray and move the 26” timpani to the corner to provide a pathway for the crew to access the box. What has helped me facilitate both of these issues is the use of the Pearl marching stick trays. They free up space on the floor for stand legs and in the case of the breaker box, provide a place for my sticks and a place to mount a timpani mic that can be moved in and out of place easily.”


Andy endorses Pearl/Adams Percussion, Innovative Percussion Sticks and Mallets and Paiste Cymbals.


August 2017


Shots below are from the cast album recording session at The DiMenna Center in New York City.