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Jason Degenhardt - Les Miserables

Jason’s setup for the Topeka Civic Theatre production of Les Miserables. This is the newer UK Tour 2009 version orchestrated for one percussionist.

“I hunted and hunted for a Trine and Matt Nolan from the UK came through big time. He made some trines in the past, and I found a YouTube video of his work. After emailing Matt, he order the aluminum, made the Trine, and shipped it off to me from the UK all in a week so I could have it by sound check. I also ordered a 4" hand-hammered triangle from him. Absolutely gorgeous sound, perfect for pit work, orchestral work, and everything in-between. I'm going to have to check out his cymbals some time, for sure!

Picking out drums for this show has been a lot of fun. I'm using many TreeHouse Drums prototypes.  Since it’s not a traditional drumset book, I get to play around with all the concert gear that we've been making lately. I'm very pleased with the sound and quality thus far. We're only beginning this product line and I'm excited to provide these sounds for drummers and percussionists to choose from.”

Jason is a freelance drummer/percussionist in the Topeka, Kansas area where he also assists Derek Sharp in the building of TreeHouse Drums.  He also has his own teaching practice called Studio 17 Percussion and is an Adjunct Music Professor at Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas.

Up close with some of Jason’s Les Misérables gear.

Field Snare: “A 10”x14” Vintage Mahogany/Poplar/Mahogany shell with semi-gloss wax finish.”


Gavroche Drum: “I chose a smaller field snare to play when the little boy is singing. It's noted in the score to have a specific snare sound for this character so I used an 8”x13” natural maple field snare.”


Concert Toms: “Nice dry sound with lots of attack and punch. Perfect for the tom parts in Les Misérables.”


Concert Bass Tom: “I came up with this concept for TreeHouse Drums. As a percussionist I don't always want a full concert bass drum (perhaps for space reasons or for the lack of ability to mount it where you need it) so Derek and I built these 18" and 20" drums with brackets on the side. You'll see the 20" in my set up.”


Aluminum Trine and 4” Hand Hammered Triangle made by Matt Nolan.