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Jason Degenhardt - Parade

Jason’s setup from Jason Robert Brown's Parade at Topeka West High School in Topeka, Kansas.

“This score does a beautiful job of supporting and assisting the telling of this tragic, serious story. From the drum throne, I had the pleasure of playing key parts written on key instruments that were absolutely necessary to the success of the show. What fun!

I went with a non-traditional kit setup, because I needed the field snare and bells in more prominent positions. Most of the show is played on drumset but I found that I didn't need toms in a traditional setup, hence you'll see them ‘backwards’ and both crunched in above the bass drum. Having a killer sounding field snare was essential. There are moments of solo march style snare cadences that are so well placed within the show that they give the audience goosebumps! Same goes for the chime notes. They are crucial to the story and any substitute wouldn't do the score justice. As always, my Miller Machine was key for the quick triangle hits.

(This set up is shot from my practice space at home. My setup at the theater also included two small timpani positioned on my left.)”

Jason is a freelance drummer/percussionist in the Topeka, Kansas area where he also assists Derek Sharp in the building of TreeHouse Drums.  He also has his own teaching practice called Studio 17 Percussion and is an Adjunct Music Professor at Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas.