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Jim Reif - The Tutor

Jim’s setup for a production of The Tutor at the Village Theatre in Issaquah, Washington near Seattle.


“The Tutor is a new work produced by the Village Theatre. The show has a variety of styles ranging from Swing, Charleston, and March to Latin and Pop. We are performing with a small band of 5 players. 2 Keys, Bass, Drums and Violin.

I’m using a DW PDP Maple Kit with a 22" Kick and 10" & 14" Toms (with Evans EC2 heads on the toms). A PDP 5.5" x 14" Maple Snare with Maple Hoops (with an Evans Genera Dry Head) and a PDP 10" Mini Timbale. For pedals I’m suing a DW 9000 Bass Drum Pedal and a Tama Iron Cobra Hi-Hat Stand.

The cymbals are all from the Sabian HH Series - 20" Ride, two 16" Crash’s, 10" Splash and a pair of 14" Hats.

I’m also using a set of Musser Bells, various LP Jam Blocks, Rhythm Tech DST Brass Tambourine, LP Cowbell, LP Multi-Guiro, LP Finger Cymbal, Ratchet, an Alan Abel triangle with the Miller Machine, a Carroll Sound Bell Tree and my Spectrasound Mark Tree (solid bar - I’ve had this since high school in the 70's. Awesome sound).”