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Peter Hayward - The Phantom of the Opera

Peter’s setup for The Phantom of the Opera at the Sutherland Entertainment Centre in Sydney, Australia.

“This was the first licensed production of Phantom in Sydney. The orchestra was set up in the upstairs foyer of the theatre which created some technical challenges for the audio and music departments. The entire orchestra had headphones for foldback, which made the environment in the foyer fairly pleasant. The percussion book is technically straight-forward, but there are lots of moments of manic changes - along with pages of rests. All of the kit parts in the show are part of the provided click tracks - so there's just the one Percussion Book.

The bass drum was set up with a remote pedal so it could also be played as a normal bass drum when more definition was needed. Most of the mallet stuff (other than the Glockenspiel) was written on the part for Keyboard, but I decided that I had the space to at least put in the Xylophone. The MalletKAT covered Vibes, one note of Marimba, Tubular Bells and any big Tam-Tam notes. The Yamaha DTX-MULTI 12 covered guiro, tambourine and woodblock.

I also was responsible for triggering the tracks for the Overture and Title Song via QLab, running through an M-Audio Fast Track Ultra 8R. As the entire Orchestra was on headphones, everyone was able to be sent the click.”