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Ryan McCausland - Little Shop of Horrors

Here is Ryan’s setup for Little Shop of Horrors at The Eagle Theatre in Hammonton, New Jersey.

“This is one of my favorite shows. The pit is set up in the basement since the house of the theatre is too small to fit us comfortably. We are wired up into the house and have a video feed of the show sent back down to us. I programmed all of the bells, bongos, and castanets into the pad to save a little bit of space and to make some of the quick castanet to kit switches in ‘Mushnik and Son’ a little easier. I had a great time working with this awesome cast and crew. This is such a fun show to play.
The Drums I’m using are a PDP Concept Maple Kit. I have an 18”x 22'' kick drum, 8”x10”, 9”x12”, 12”x14” and 14”x16” toms, and a 5.5”x14” snare drum.

The Cymbals from left to right are 14'' K Hi Hats, 18’' K Dark Crash, 8’' A Custom Splash, 10'’ A Custom Splash, 16’' A Custom Fast Crash and a 20’' K Ride. I have a 6’’ Alan Able Triangle on the Miller Machine, TreeWorks Tre35 Classic Chimes, LP Blue and Red Jam Blocks and an LP Ridge Rider Cowbell.

The Hardware is a mix of DW, Yamaha and Gibraltar. The Castanets, Bongos, and Bells were programmed on the Roland SPDSX.

The Sticks are all by Vic Firth. I’m using the SD4 Combo, SD6 Swizzle B, and a pair of the Heritage Brushes.”

Check out Ryan’s YouTube page and see more of his setup pictures from past shows on Twitter.

Check out Ryan’s website.