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Spencer Goad - The Fantasticks

Spencer’s setup for The Fantasticks at the Chandler Center for the Arts in Chandler, Arizona.


“I cut the bongos and added a concert bass drum for effects. I also added a lot of extra drum set ‘Latin’ parts and a riq during ‘Depends on the Price’ for a more ethnic sound.

Mallets: I am fond of a set of prototype David Herbert’s timpani mallets I got my hands on. The softer puffy mallets on the far left I use for my full bodied rolls and the mallets second to left are harder for more articulate passages; I also use my timpani mallets on the cymbals and my 28" bass drum when I need to though I know that might make some people cringe. I use a pair of hard brown mallets (I forget the brand, maybe Malletech) because they aren't too bright for the two passages on the bells. The orange Musser rubber mallets are perfect woodblock mallets, but I also use them on the xylophone for a fast distant carousel passage and for a glock part so that I blend with the harp and piano in this show. The Musser yellow yarn mallets are just the perfect mallet for cymbals in my opinion and you can use them on the timpani as well in a bind, but they aren't a substitute for the David Herbert’s.

Finally, a standard pair of Vic Firth 5As and brushes for the drum set. I also use the 5As [carefully] on my temple block, concert bass drum, and the timpani several times in the show when I have fast changes and the articulate sound is acceptable.

I give a great deal of consideration to the sounds I want and how they fit into the greater musical phrases of the movements and show. I am a student of a Hinger disciple, William ‘Bill’ Wanser, and feel the sound should never be sacrificed to a lack of technique. Even when I play the bass drum and castanets with my hands, I am always aware of proper "touch", time in motion, and creating leading sounds. I am also a person who is not afraid to add to, take away from, or alter the music on the page if I feel it will benefit the way the music affects the audience members in concert with the stage action. I am proud to be a small part of a big beautiful machine."

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