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Walter White - Sentimental Journey Orchestra

This is Walter’s set-up for a Memorial Day Concert at the Cailloix Theater in Kerrville, Texas.

  • Tempus 3.75”x14” Fiberglass Snare
  • Ayotte Custom Drums - 16”x24” Bass Drum, 10”x14” Small Tom and two 16”x16” Floor Toms with Booty Shakers
  • Paiste Cymbals - 22" 602 Series (1980 era) with rivets, 19" Signature Crash (for my ride) 20" Signature China with rivets, 18" Signature Full Crash, 17 Signature Crash and 13" 602 Sound Edge Hi-Hats (1960 later era)
  • DW Solid Footboard Bass Drum Pedal (like Colin Bailey/Joe Morello , since I studied with him and Joe Morello)
  • Fibes Snare Stand (early 1970 era)
  • Sonor 1980’s era Hi-Hat stand
  • Axis Cymbals Stands (they're super light weight)
  • Barrel Throne (new red top - see below)
  • Miller Machine
  • iPad with the forScore app for reading Big Band book and shows

“I perform with a full Big Band (called the Sentimental Journey Orchestra) playing music of the 40's swing era. Playing Glenn Miller’s Pennsylvania 6-5000 I have to mimic a phone bell. The Miller Machine gives a realistic usable method of doing this. Also there are many tunes where the triangle sound is perfect, but in the past just down right not worth the hassle to carry. The Miller Machine is a jewel in my tool box now. The girls that sing the Andrews Sisters tunes say I use it in ALL the tunes now (not true) but it does provide an orchestral timbre to some of the old stock tunes now.

The Barrel Throne just had its red seat top redone recently. I used to have an original Ludwig from the 70's. This I made with a Keller shell around 1993 and blue Pearl from Allen Blaemire (1993) and I used a Tama throne top. The foam top is dead now so I had an upholsterer near me redo the leatherette and foam. I cut the MDF (Medium-density fibreboard) for the top and barrel insert and I put an aluminum band around the base.”